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World Teachers Day: Books


Developing and Supporting Critically Reflective Teachers

Centred on the diverse narrative experiences of six early-career US teachers who identify as critically reflective practitioners, this book cogently demonstrates how they take active steps to ensure they are cognizant of how their intersecting social identities impact how they arrive at making different types of decisions (big and small), interact with students from varied backgrounds, and negotiate competing demands and expectations in and out of their classrooms.

Making It Real: Case Stories for Secondary Teachers

This book focuses on those “hours and days of contact time” that represent the essence of what teachers do on a daily basis, the day-to-day situations, relationships, conflicts, and dilemmas that exist in every school; it provides a template for analysis that encourages readers to place themselves in these real-life school settings and consider the causes and consequences of their decisions—for themselves, their students, and society as a whole.

Student Perspectives on School

In this volume we will share a compilation of research from Aotearoa New Zealand and beyond that aimed to access and listen to the views of students. We have brought together voices of students from different educational contexts, seeking their perspectives on learning, wellbeing, disciplinary procedures, literacy intervention and what makes schools good.

Physical Books