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Responsive mentoring: Supporting the teachers all students deserve

Responsive Mentoring: Supporting the Teachers All Students Deserve advocates for a collaborative approach to mentoring that is teacher-centered, scaffolded, and contextualized to teachers’ work. This approach is designed to help teachers across their careers set and meet ambitious instructional goals, while also developing as reflective practitioners who learn in and from their teaching, in order to ensure all students receive a rigorous and engaging educational experience. Mentoring is a highly complex and critical endeavor. To guide mentors’ work, a clear vision for mentoring is coupled with a highly-responsive set of mentoring practices. Recommendations and real world examples help mentors make informed decisions about which practices to use, under what circumstances, and in what combinations, in order to responsively and effectively facilitate teacher learning and development. Concrete and practical advice along with questions for reflection and action help mentors across contexts and levels of experience. A final section outlining intentional and versatile strategies for mentoring-the-mentor ensures that all mentors also have supports to grow as professionals.

The children's music studio: A Reggio- inspired approach

The Children's Music Studio provides music teachers, parents and early childhood educators a wealth of materials and a clear roadmap for applying Reggio Emilia principles and practices to preschool and early childhood music education. Drawing on Professor Hanna's extensive experience researching and teaching in Reggio-inspired music classrooms, this pioneering book provides a comprehensive and in-depth manual for designing music ateliers-hands-on studios that capture the imagination and creativity of children. Informed by the cutting edge research on music learning, this practical guide includes detailed studio plans, examples of Reggio-inspired music studio explorations and documentation of children's work in music studios.In this book you will:- Discover how children can naturally learn music through the studio approach- See detailed examples and documentation of project-based studio learning- Understand how music learning increases overall artistic and academic literacy across the curriculum- Learn how to develop customized projects for your classroom that will teach children to think and communicate fluently through music and soundEarly childhood and elementary music teachers will find this book especially useful as it provides innovative ideas for Reggio-inspired music teaching and learning techniques that can be integrated into the existing curriculum.

Child development and education

Helps students translate developmental theories into practical implications for teaching and caring for children from diverse backgrounds, and with diverse characteristics and needs. Broad coverage and perspectives: draws from numerous theoretical perspectives, research studies conducted around the world, and the authors' own experiences as parents, teachers, psychologists and researchers to identify strategies for promoting young peoples physical, cognitive and socialemotional growth. Australasian focus: highlights contemporary Australian and New Zealand research and reflects local educational structures, philosophies and controversies. Diverse settings: addresses childrens growth in diverse settings by systematically expanding coverage of childrens distinct experiences in different cultures, ethnicities and economic backgrounds.

Learning and Teaching in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Education

This book helps pre-service teachers prepare themselves for teaching Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students in urban, remote and rural primary and secondary schools. The overall aim of this text is to ‘keep things local’ as working closely with the local community is absolutely crucial. Balancing educational theory with practical teaching strategies, it is full of case studies, examples and a range of voices and personal stories to convey the richness and diversity of Australian classrooms

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