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EndNote: Endnote Online, iPad App

Endnote Online ( and iPad App

Using EndNote online in conjunction with EndNote on the desktop will allow you to access the contents of your EndNote library from any computer with an internet connection, sync your references between computers, and share your references with colleagues.

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Whether you are upgrading from EndNote basic (online only, with a limited feature set) and merging that library with your desktop library, or creating an online library for the first time, you need to start by setting up EndNote Sync to keep all your references and custom groups up to date on both the desktop and online.

Set Up EndNote Sync


Back Up the EndNote Desktop Library

First, you should make a complete backup copy of your desktop library by saving a compressed library. Note that EndNote may ask if you want to make a backup when you begin syncing, but you can make a backup at any time using the method below.

• Select Compressed Library from the File menu in EndNote. You should see a screen like the one below. Leave the options as shown to save a complete copy of your library with all attachments.

• Click on the Next button to select a location to save the file. This will bring up a standard “save” dialog window.

• Select the location and click the Save button. It may take some time to compress and save a large library, so be patient.

• Note that although you cannot safely keep a working EndNote desktop library in cloud services such as Dropbox, you can keep a compressed library in the cloud for backup purposes. See section 7.5 for more information.


EndNote Sync

• If you have not already synced your EndNote desktop and online library references, click the Sync button to sync for the first time. (Note that you may be asked if you want to create a compressed library as a backup if it is the first time the library has been synced on that computer.) 

• If you already have an EndNote online or basic account, use that account’s logon information, as in the example shown below. If you do not have an EndNote online account, you can create one by clicking the Sign Up button (in the box below). Click the OK button to start the sync. (Note: If you have a Web of Science account, use the same logon information for your EndNote online account. This will enable cross referencing between Web of Science and EndNote online.)

• During the first sync, all references in both the EndNote desktop and online libraries will be copied to the other library, as well as all group information, but only custom groups will be displayed in EndNote online. So, there may be duplicates and some library clean-up necessary. After the first sync, any change made in any synchronized library will be reflected in all synchronized copies of the library. This means if you delete references in EndNote online or EndNote on the desktop, those references will be deleted in both.

 •  Although it is possible to create an EndNote online account and not synchronize it to an EndNote desktop library, syncing will allow you to easily keep the same set of references in both libraries.

• After syncing an EndNote library, you can begin sharing groups to collaborate with other EndNote basic/online users (see section 7.3) or share your entire library with other EndNote users (see section 7.2).

EndNote app for iPad
An app for using EndNote on your iPad is now available via the iTunes store.

Learn to use the app here