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Choose compassion: Why is matters and how it works

Drawing on his many years of experience as a clinical psychologist and researcher, Dr James Kirby brings together hard science and real-life examples to offer a guide to a more compassionate life and society.

Experience human development

Experience the human side of development. Papalia helps students experience the human side of development by exposing them to culture and diversity, immersing them in practical application, and helping them study smarter through personalized learning and reporting.

Principles and Practice of Grief Counseling, Third Edition

The authors view the practice of grief counseling as a unique specialized area of practice, focusing in this book on grief as a painful but adaptive process, with some unique features that separate it from other types of issues that are addressed in general counseling and therapy practice.

Effective counseling and psychotherapy: an evidence- based approach

Grounded in over 50 years of outcome research, this comprehensive textbook focuses on outcomes management and the principles and core strategies for delivering competent and effective therapeutic practice. Applicable to all settings and models, the text illuminates four foundational principles of therapeutic practice: a strengths-based framework, collaborative practice, clinician effectiveness, and routine and ongoing outcome-oriented clinical work, and presents strategies for identifying, evoking, and using client strengths to promote behavioral health. 

Needing to know for sure: A CBT- based guide to overcoming Compulsive Checking and Reassurance Seeking

Needing constant reassurance is a hidden struggle for many who fear the unknown. In this guide, readers will find evidence-based skills grounded in cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) to help them tolerate uncertainty, face specific worrying scenarios, and gradually reduce the compulsion to incessantly seek reassurance.

The ethical lives of clients: Transcending self- interest in psychotherapy

This book shows therapists how to serve as ethical consultants who help clients balance their personal needs with their sense of responsibility to others. Bill Doherty blends decades of clinical experience with personal and philosophical insights to frame the skills and knowledge therapists need to act as ethical guides while respecting client autonomy. He calls for a shift from psychotherapy’s individualistic focus towards a more relational one that includes ethical connections to others.

Ethics and decision making in counseling and psychotherapy

The fifth edition of this text is unparalleled in helping counselors-in-training use ethical decision-making processes as a foundation for approaching ethical and legal dilemmas in clinical practice. Newly organized and streamlined to eliminate redundancies, this textbook presents multiple new chapters that reflect the latest developments in counseling specialty areas. This new edition also features an overview of ethical decision-making models, principles, and standards.

Spirituality, religion, and cognitive- behavioral therapy: A guide for clinicians

This highly practical, nonsectarian book describes how to identify and work with psychologically relevant facets of spirituality in the context of evidence-based treatment. David H. Rosmarin draws on cutting-edge theory and research to provide clear guidelines for conceptualizing positive and negative aspects of spirituality pertaining to common clinical concerns. Concrete examples throughout the book illustrate collaborative ways to harness spiritual beliefs and practices to help bring about cognitive, behavioral, and affective change.