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Forever and a Letter. Directed by Jame Boyle, produced by Margaret Garland, Fox Searchlight Pictures, 2000.

(Forever and a Letter)

Episode from a TV series

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“Bull Run.” 60 Minutes, directed by Gareth Harvey. Series 1, Ninemsn, 18 July 2013.

(“Bull Run”)

Streamed TV program

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“Pressure Games.” Psychology Today, narrated by George Plunt, episode 6, BBC, 24 Oct. 2011. Kanopy, games

(“Pressure Games”)

Person in a film or TV show

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Connery, Sean, actor. The Hunt for Red October Paramount Pictures, 1990.



Reference List In-text Citation
“Daisy Bindi: The Girl who Fought for More”. Fierce Girls. ABC, 10 Apr. 2018, (“Daisy Bindi: The Girl who Fought for More”)