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STEM: iQube Circuit Kit

IQube is a simple and fun way of introducing children to advanced concepts of circuits and electricity. By giving your children a grounding in circuitry at a young age, you'll prepare them for a world where technology plays an increasingly important role.


  • Aligned with curriculum and teaching standards
  • Works with both Mac and Windows, desktop or mobile via Bluetooth or USB cable (included)
  • App mirrors what you do with the cubes and tells you if you are creating your circuit correctly
  • Teachers Manual included
  • Project-based learning opportunities
  • Designed to be a sequential, step-by-step learning product
  • 100 free lessons!

Teaching suggestions

  • Demonstrate concepts on Smartboard or large screen as a whole group lesson
  • Students download app on their BYODs and work through projects individually or as small groups
  • Problem-based learning: teacher introduces real-life problem and students work together in small groups to develop a solution
  • Tinkering during free time...what can your students learn? And what can they then teach you and their classmates?


  • The app can be a little temperamental 
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Photo by Ramón Salinero on Unsplash


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