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Chaplaincy: Chaplaincy


SAH Chaplaincy Department: Spiritual Care Services

A stay in hospital can bring many challenges for whatever reason. We the Spiritual Care Services team at Sydney Adventist Hospital are dedicated to caring for you and those around you as you face these challenges. Our chaplains are professionally trained and are members of hospital staff. Trained Spiritual Care Volunteers are also part of our team.

We are available 24/7:

  • To support all patients, visitors, staff and volunteers
  • To listen with empathy to the things that are important to you
  • To assist you in seeking inner peace and strength
  • To offer grief, crisis and bereavement support
  • To pray, at your request
  • To assist you in contacting representatives from your faith tradition
  • To offer access to books and resources from our library

Adventist Chaplaincy Ministries

The mission of the Seventh-day Adventist Church and the purpose for Adventist chaplains are one - to restore broken humanity to wholeness for time and eternity.

The Seventh-day Adventist church established the ACM Department for three primary purposes: (1) To consolidate, coordinate, promote and support the various expressions of chaplaincy ministries; (2) To extend the ministry of the church in reaching the unreached for Christ; and (3) To continue the restorative ministry Christ commissioned of responding in relevant ways to the felt needs of people in their individual settings.

Chaplaincy Australia is a National Department of the Australian Christian Churches (ACC) committed to communicating the Christian faith in a hands-on, compassionate and meaningful way.

Chaplaincy Australia is a part of the National ACC Chaplaincy Network linking Chaplains together with common objectives, practice, training and support.

Our Chaplains are represented by a broad spectrum of nationalities, backgrounds, ages and localities from within the Australian Christian Churches. They are purposely trained men and women with a passionate commitment to serve their community with care.

NSW College of Clinical Pastoral Education

The College was formed in 1963 by representatives of the Christian Churches with the vision of providing quality pastoral education and supervision for those attending to the spiritual needs of all members of our modern community. Since then the College has expanded its membership to include representatives from across Christian Denominations and Other Faiths.

Spiritual Care Australia

On this page you will find a number of links to organisations, groups or other bodies that have an interest in Pastoral and Spiritual Care or links that may offer useful information or insights.

Association for supervised pastoral education in Victoria Incorporated
Australian Counseling Association
Psychotherapy and Counseling Federation of Australia
Relationships Australia
Scripture Union QLD: School chaplaincy
Skills you need - Basic counseling skills
Sports Chaplaincy Australia

Chaplaincy books

Chaplains as partners in medical decision making: Case studies in healthcare chaplaincy

Healthcare chaplains working as part of interdisciplinary teams are frequently involved in contributing to discussions on all aspects of patients' wellbeing. This insightful collection of case studies shows how chaplains can effectively support patients and their families in making decisions regarding medical care, as well as for their spiritual needs.

Reflecting the reality of medical decision-making, each case study follows a format where a chaplain and a non-chaplain (e.g. a doctor or a social worker) gives their response to the example considered, helping the reader to understand the chaplain's role in the decision making and how they can contribute constructively to the process. Adding another layer to the multifaceted role of the chaplain, this is essential reading for any chaplain in healthcare.

Transforming chaplaincy: The George Fitchett reader

Evidence-based medicine has transformed contemporary medical practice. For over twenty-five years, George Fitchett has been a pioneering advocate of the view that evidence-based spiritual care can, and should, equally transform chaplaincy. This book collects a key selection from his ground-breaking research.
As models of good research practice, these papers demonstrate the real-world value of research and introduce their readers to issues that have continuing importance to spiritual care and professional chaplaincy. As such, this collection offers an ideal introduction to spiritual-care research.
The collection is complemented by three essays, specially commissioned from observers well-positioned to comment on future directions for both professional chaplaincy and spiritual-care research.

Finding Books in the Library

You can go to the book shelves and browse the Library collection using the following Call Numbers:

152.4 Emotions
153.6 Communication
155.4 Child psychology
155.5 Psychology of young people ages 12-20
155.6 Psychology of adults
155.937 Death and dying
158 Applied psychology
158.2 Interpersonal relations
158.3 Counseling and interviewing
170 Ethics
206.1 Chaplaincy
253.5 Pastoral counseling
259 Pastoral care of families
259.2 Pastoral care of young people
259.3 Pastoral care of people in late adulthood
259.4 Pastoral care of people with disabilities
259.5 Pastoral care of antisocial people
259.6 Pastoral care of the bereaved
261.832 Social welfare
306.8 Marriage and family
306.89 Divorce
355.347 Chaplain services (Military)
361.06 Counseling
362.7 Problems of young people
371.4 Student guidance and counseling
371.46 Personal counseling
371.7 Student welfare
610.73 Health services
616.89 Mental disorders
618.92 Pediatrics

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