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A Selection of Education Books

Diversity, Inclusion and Engagement (4th ed.).

Presenting a clear, socially oriented approach to understanding and developing inclusive education, this book prepares pre-service teachers for diverse classrooms and helps them develop strategies to engage students with varying backgrounds, needs and abilities. This new edition has been updated to reflect changes in legislation, policy, regulation, curriculum, research and practice. It takes a fresh look at what inclusion means and explores the disadvantages or limitations that prevent children fully participating in education.

Values - Based Education

This practical book is written for educators who are interested in developing and nurturing a values-based approach to learning. The easy to follow practicalities are based on the 20 years experience of one school that introduced and sustained values-based education.

Education of the Gifted and Talented (7th ed.).

Practical strategies and the latest research on critical topics and on best practices make Education of the Gifted and Talented an indispensable resource for those who work or will work with gifted students. The content is supported and enhanced by the inclusion of practical strategies that can be implemented in the classroom, case studies that help teachers identify student needs, and summaries of research on effective programs.

Learning and Teaching in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Education

Welcome to the Education Subject Guide

In this Education online library guide, important information on Primary and Secondary Education resources have been collected for you covering:

Adventist Education

A Selection of Books about Research

The SAGE Handbook of Current Developments in Grounded Theory

Building on the success of the bestselling The SAGE Handbook of Grounded Theory (2007), this title provides a much-needed and up-to-date overview, integrating some revised and updated chapters with new ones exploring recent developments in grounded theory and research methods in general.

Evaluating Research

The third edition of Evaluating Research by Francis C. Dane and Elliot Carhart provides students with the skills to read and evaluate research studies. Aimed at courses where it is more important for students to develop an understanding of methods, rather than conduct their own research, this book covers all aspects of reading social, behavioral, and health science research from the basics, such as the structure of reports and accessing research, as well as overviews of the main types of research methods.

Educational Research: Planning, Conducting and Evaluating Quantitative and Qualitative Research

A practical, step-by-step core research text that balances coverage of qualitative, quantitative and combined methods. Educational Research: Planning, Conducting, and Evaluating Quantitative and Qualitative Research offers a truly balanced, inclusive, and integrated overview of the processes involved in educational research. This text first examines the general steps in the research process and then details the procedures for conducting specific types of quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methods studies.

Qualitative Research and Evaluation Methods

Drawing on more than 40 years of experience conducting applied social science research and program evaluation, author Michael Quinn Patton has crafted the most comprehensive and systematic book on qualitative research and evaluation methods, inquiry frameworks, and analysis options available today. Now offering more balance between applied research and evaluation, this Fourth Edition illuminates all aspects of qualitative inquiry through new examples, stories, and cartoons; more than a hundred new summarizing and synthesizing exhibits; and a wide range of new highlight sections/sidebars that elaborate on important and emergent issues.

Navigating the Maze of Research

Now in its fifth edition, Navigating the Maze of Research provides up-to-date, introductory thinking behind research and research processes with clear examples of application to clinical practice.

The Essential Guide to Doing Your Research Project

This practical book sets out how to approach each stage of your research project, from choosing a research design and methodology to collecting and analysing data and communicating your results – and showcases best practice along the way.

A Concise Introduction to Mixed Methods Research (2nd ed.).

For students and researchers new to mixed methods, A Concise Introduction to Mixed Methods Research 2e by renowned author John W. Creswell provides a brief and practical introduction to mixed methods. This text quickly describes the basics of setting up and conducting a study using this methodology.

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