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Avondale Libraries' STEM Collection

by Rebecca Hawken on 2022-04-08T13:12:00+10:00 in Education and teaching, Science and maths | 0 Comments

Avondale Library has a range of STEM equipment students can borrow. This collection is designed to improvement students use of technology. Education students may have seen some of these items mentioned throughout their courses. 

The resources can be used to consolidate your skills and prepare you to use STEM equipment in the classroom. Items such as Bee Bots, Spheros, Makey Makey and Arduino Uno can allow you to practice STEM activities for all stages of education. 

Our STEM Collection also has items which can help all students with their assignments, including podcasting equipment and laptops with software such as Foodworks and Audacity. Students who are studying counselling may find this equipment helpful in recording practice sessions. 

 Our collection consists of: 

  • Laptops
  • Podcasting Equipment (Headphones, microphones and tripods) 

                   Makey Makey                                                                                                                        Bee Bots



                      Spheros                                                                                                                               Oculus Quest 2



                        Arduino Uno                                                                                                                   Coding Jam                                        



                                                                                                   Circuit Scribe 



If you have any suggestions for other STEM resources, please contact 

To book these items please visit  Booknow ( or come and see our friendly staff at the library.

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