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APA 7th Edition Referencing: AUDIOVISUAL


Film or video

Reference List In-text Citation
Surname, Initial. (Director). (Year). Title [Film]. Production company. 
Forman, M. (Director). (1975). One flew over the cuckoo’s nest [Film]. United Artists.  (Forman, 1975)


TV Series

Reference List In-text Citation
Surname, Initial. (Executive Producers). (Year/s). Title [TV series]. Production company; Channel aired. 
Simon, D., Colesberry, R. F., & Kostroff Noble, N. (Executive Producers). (2002-2008). The wire [TV series]. Blown Deadline Productions; HBO.  (Simon et al., 2008)


Episode from a TV series

Reference List In-text Citation
Surname, Initial. (Writer), & Surname, Initial. (Director). (Year, Month Day). Title of episode (Season, Episode) [TV series episode]. In Initial. Surname (Producer), Title of TV series. Publisher.
Barris, K. (Writer & Director). (2017, January 11). Lemons (Season 3, Episode 12) [TV series episode]. In K. Barris, J. Groff, A. Anderson, E. B. Dobbins, L. Fishburne, & H. Sugland (Executive Producers), Black-ish. Wilmore Films; Artists First; Cinema Gypsy Productions; ABC Studios.   (Barris, 2017)


Radio broadcast

Reference List In-text Citation
Surname, Initial. (Year, Month Day). Title [Radio broadcast]. Publisher. URL 
Murrow, E. R. (1940, September 13). The bombing of London [Radio broadcast]. WCBS. (Murrow, 1940)


Audio recording

Reference List In-text Citation
Artist name. (Year). Title [Song]. On Name of album. Producer. 
Beyonce. (2016). Formation [Song]. On Lemonade. Parkwood; Columbia.  (Beyonce, 2016)


Mobile App

Reference List In-text Citation
Author. (Year). Title (Version) [Mobile app]. Website name. URL 
Epocrates. (2019). Epocrates medical references (Version 18.12) [Mobile app]. App Store.  (Epocrates, 2019)



Reference List In-text Citation
Programmer. (Year). Name of software (Version of software) [Computer software]. Company that produces it. URL 
Borenstein, M., Hedges, L., Higgins, J., & Rothstein, H. (2014). Comprehensive meta-analysis (version 3.3.070). [Computer software]. Biostat. (Borenstein, 2014)