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Tutoring Service: Critical Thinking

Overview of the Avondale University Tutoring Service.



What is Critical Thinking?

Critical thinking is when you question “ideas, theories, assumptions, or the validity of information” (University of Technology Sydney, 2018, para 1) and the academic context of tertiary learning encourages this. Critical thinking pushes you to reflect more deeply on what you are studying. Many would agree that critical thinking is the most important skill to cultivate toward developing your academic autonomy.

Elements of Critical Thinking

There are five main components to critical thinking: reasoning, identifying, analysing, evaluating and reflecting. While some scholars like to rank these components in terms of what comes first, critical thinking is a complex skill where all of these components work together to create a complete thinking model. reasoning, you may also need to reflect on your own biases and analyse evaluation (Monash University, 2020a).

(Monash University, 2020b)

Critical Thinkers Ask These Questions

  • What do I already know and what do I need to work out?
  • Is this fact or opinion?
  • How do I know this and what evidence is there?
  • What are the stated/unstated assumptions?
  • What are the implications and how else can I think about this? 

(UNSW Sydney, 2019a)