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Tutoring Service: Philosophy of Service

Overview of the Avondale University Tutoring Service.

We recognise that good writing and communication skills—together with the complementary skills of critical thinking, listening, reading and researching—are the foundation of academic progress. While the tutors are able to help students acquire and sharpen these skills, ultimately, each student must take personal responsibility for the process. The underlying purpose of our service is to empower academic autonomy in all students who seek our support.


What We Can Help You (the Student) With

The role of the tutoring service is to facilitate your academic success, with a primary focus on written assignments. This focus includes helping you with:

  • deconstruction/analysis of your assignment question;
  • mind-mapping/brainstorming your assignment question;
  • using appropriate academic writing;
  • basic referencing and on-referral to referencing librarian;
  • basic research methods, including resource location, and on-referral to librarian;
  • specific assignment structure including essays, literature reviews, exegeses, annotated bibliographies, case study responses and business reports.
  • numeracy and science support.


What We Cannot Help You (the Student) With

All assignments must be your own work, therefore:

  • tutors cannot write any part of an assignment or directly suggest any content or specific lines of argument. 
  • tutors do not provide a proofreading service—this is your responsibility. 
  • tutors cannot predict the mark of an assignment.


Tutoring Service Guidelines

We encourage students who are uncertain of how to proceed with an assignment, to be proactive in seeking guidance as soon as they can. If you are uncertain about a particular assignment, you should first consult with your lecturer to clarify what is required. It can also be helpful to chat with fellow students. If you require further support, you can book an appointment with one of the tutors. We urge you to get in contact with us sooner rather than later so that you give yourself enough time to complete your assignment without the last-minute panic of an approaching due date!