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Tutoring Service: Online Assignment Review Process

Overview of the Avondale University Tutoring Service.

Online Assignment Review

The Tutoring Service offers targeted online academic support. This online support is delivered to students in two distinct stages:

  • Online review of 1st draft paper (1D) submitted to
  • Online review of final draft paper (FD) submitted to

1st Draft (1D) Review

Tutors provide detailed feedback when reviewing a 1D student paper. Students should attach the relevant unit information document with their emailed paper, and note the assignment question. Students should view this stage as an opportunity to learn more about their own academic writing process. The comprehensive feedback provided by the tutors is an effort to help students develop/hone academic writing skills that will support them on their path to academic autonomy at Avondale. Feedback can include:

  • suggesting whether an assignment question may have been misinterpreted—in these cases, students are advised to seek clarity from their lecturer;
  • commenting on whether all components of an assignment question have been addressed;
  • noting gaps in question response by urging students to elaborate and/or support;
  • discussing use of appropriate academic language (objective, formal, technical);
  • providing grammatical instruction where required;
  • highlighting formatting inconsistencies;
  • highlighting referencing issues that require resolution.

Final Draft (FD) Review

Tutors are also happy to review a final draft before students submit their papers to Turnitin. It is expected that a FD paper includes:

  • a completed cover sheet;
  • resolution of all the issues we highlighted in your 1D paper.
  • finalised proofreading. Tutors are not proof-readers; students must check for their own typos, spelling mistakes, punctuation errors and formatting inconsistencies, as this is an important part of the academic writing process.
  • finalised formatting (according to the relevant style guide—APA, MLA or Turabian);
  • finalised referencing (according to the relevant referencing guide—APA, MLA or Turabian);

PLEASE NOTE: FD papers that do not meet the above requirements will be returned unreviewed.


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