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Tutoring Service: Preparing for Study

Overview of the Avondale University Tutoring Service.

Learning Platforms

Learning at a tertiary level takes place across a number of platforms. You may encounter some of the following  during your time at Avondale:


Learning Platforms


Formal learning sessions that provide an overview of a topic area and deliver module content. Students listen and take notes, while a lecturer delivers unit content onto a screen. Lectures are a critical source of topic information and students who are serious about their study will attend the scheduled lectures for their unit. Students should engage with all lecture material on a particular topic before seeking support from the tutoring service.


Small group learning where you (the student) can focus on learning (CHANGE WORD) through discussion and participate in set activities.


The nursing labs are an opportunity for students to practise their theoretical learning. The lab environment is designed to prepare the student for the clinical environment. The students are taught a particular skill relevant to that week's lecture topic and then have time to practise the clinical skills. The students usually work in small groups so the teacher can provide supervision and feedback during the learning process. The labs are 100% compulsory, and the students are assessed on many of the practical skills.

Professional Placements

You may be required to participate in a professional placement. In these placements you will be required to comply with the policies and procedures of the workplace you are experiencing, and present an ethical, responsible and professional attitude to all you are in contact with. Care should be taken to adhere to appropriate boundaries with all stakeholders. It is important that you (the student) respect constructive professional advice provided by the workplace you are joining. Placements offer students an opportunity to apply their theoretical learning to real-life situations.

Individual Study

You will be expected to work independently on assignments and this can be a new and challenging dimension for some students. Independent study requires good time-management and a commitment to prioritise study. 

Group Work

Some assignments are undertaken by a group of students who work together within specific roles to submit a completed assignment.