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Tutoring Service: Tutoring Service Process (Lake Macquarie)

Overview of the Avondale University Tutoring Service.

About Our Service

The LM Tutoring Service offers targeted academic support that is delivered to students in three distinct stages. While these stages are progressive in nature, a student seeking academic support can tap into the process at any point they deem necessary. These stages are:

  1. Mind-mapping/Brainstorming the assignment question via face-to-face or Zoom discussion with a tutor.
  2. Online review of 1st draft paper (1D) submitted to
  3. Online review of final draft paper (FD) submitted to

STEP 1: Mind Mapping or Brainstorming 

Tutors are happy to begin the brainstorming process with students who are unsure of how to approach an assignment question. Students booking a brainstorming session should attach the relevant unit information document to the booking, and note the assignment question. This provides tutors with a context for the booked brainstorming session, and allows them to do some background reading if required.

STEP 2: 1st Draft (1D) Review

Tutors provide detailed feedback when reviewing a 1D student paper. As with the mind-mapping or brainstorming stage, students should attach the relevant unit information document with their emailed paper, and note the assignment question.  Students should view this stage as an opportunity to learn more about their own academic writing process. The comprehensive feedback provided by the tutors is designed to help students develop/hone academic writing skills that will support them on their path to academic autonomy at Avondale.

STEP 3: Review of Final Draft (FD) Paper

Tutors are also happy to review a final draft before students submit their papers to Turnitin. It is expected that a FD paper will have resolved the issues highlighted in the preceding 1D paper and will include finalised proofreading, formatting and referencing. A FD paper that has not resolved previously highlighted issues and/or does not included finalised proofreading, formatting and referencing, will not be reviewed for a second time.

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